Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

The best 18 wheeler accident lawyers with extensive experience, we understand how devastating and dangerous truck accidents can be. If you or a loved one were seriously injured, you need an aggressive 18 wheeler accident lawyer in USA on your side to fight for the compensation and justice you and your family deserve.

Thousands of people are injured in truck accidents each year. Insurance companies, drivers and truck companies often offer very little compensation to truck accident victims. These truck companies do whatever they can to delay truck-related accident reports as much as possible in hopes that evidence will just disappear. However, serious accidents need to be handled by serious attorneys.

Ross Sears, Clay Crawford and their team of serious personal injury lawyers at Sears Crawford have an impressive track record of maximizing recoveries for clients. We believe that you should not have to suffer physically, emotionally, or financially due to someone else’s negligence.

Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer
Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

The Common Causes of Truck Accidents

Drivers and truck companies are responsible for knowing and complying with the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) safety regulations that contribute to safer roadways for all drivers. However, the trucking industry has always been heavily criticized for the amount of careless drivers that are given responsibility for operating such large vehicles. And when that happens, accidents are bound to occur and can cause serious personal injuries.

Listed below are common reasons why truck accidents occur:

Fatigued or overworked drivers
Speeding and reckless driving
Distracted driving
Driving under the influence
Poor truck maintenance or defective products*

*Tire defects are the most common cause of all truck-related accidents, making up 30% of truck-related accident reports. A defective product lawyer from Sears Crawford will work to gather evidence and determine whether or not maintenance issues may have contributed to your accident.

Been in A Truck Accident ? Whats to do Next

Being involved in a truck accident can be extremely overwhelming. It’s normal to feel scared and unsure about what’s coming next. Know that you are not alone in this.

Here is a simple list of actions that every truck accident victim should take:

Seek medical help: Your first priority should always be your safety and that of those around you. If possible, get away from the scene safely and address any injuries you or your passengers may have.
Identify the parties responsible for your accident: If possible, identify the driver, the company that owns the truck, and the manufacturer of the truck. Take note of any logos or key identifiers on the truck that can help identify the parties involved in your accident.
Submit your accident report to the police: Take a detailed documentation of the accident and damages that occurred. If applicable, check for any eyewitnesses and gather their information as well.
Contact a Texas truck accident lawyer immediately: When you are injured in an accident with a big rig, it is crucial that you contact a personal injury attorney that you can trust right away to discuss your legal rights to compensation.

How to choose Best 18 Wheeler Accident Lawyer

If you’re going to take anything away from this article, let it be this: the outcome and results of your case all depend on the attorney that you hire. DO NOT HIRE some attorney you just saw on T.V. or heard about on the radio without thoroughly researching them first.

Here is what you MUST look for in your Houston 18 wheeler accident lawyer:

The attorney is Board Certified in Personal Injury Law
The attorney has numerous successes in handling these types of cases
The attorney carries malpractice insurance
The attorney does not have an arbitration clause in their contract

Hiring the right attorney is an important decision for you and your family. Ross Sears from Sears Crawford is board certified in Personal Injury law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. With less than 5% of lawyers in the state of Texas are board certified, you need an experienced attorney like Ross Sears who has the qualifications to give you the best possible outcome in your case. He’ll fight for you like you are his own family.

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